Do you suffer with poor skin, breathing conditions such as asthma, or struggle to sleep well? Salt therapy could be the answer to rejuvenate you, both inside and out. You may be asking yourself what is salt therapy. It is a relative newcomer to the UK health and wellbeing scene. But, it is far from being a health fad.

Salt therapy is also known as Halotherapy, which derives from the Greek word for salt. It is a treatment which is steeped in history as it dates back to being a trusted therapy used by the Greeks and Romans. It is believed that they bathed in salt water to cure a host of ailments. In addition, Catholic monks in medieval Europe are thought to have brought the sick into salt caves. They crushed the salt with their feet to release it into the air to help with respiratory conditions.

However, it was in 1840 that Polish doctor Dr Feliks Boczkowski really uncovered the benefits of what is salt therapy. He was treating miners and noticed that whilst coal miners were suffering with breathing problems, salt miners had no such problems. He published his findings on what is salt therapy, opened the first ever clinic and he is now considered the founding father of halotherapy. His theory is still the essence of what is salt therapy today.

What is salt therapy in practice?

The simple method behind the magic of what is salt therapy is the inhalation of air infused with salt. There are two main ways on how this can be carried out in specialist treatment rooms.

The dry method of halotherapy is done in a humidity free salt room. The temperature is kept cool at between 20-24 celcius. A halogenerator grinds salt into microscopic particles and releases them into the air of the salt cave. The salt particles are then inhaled during a session which usually lasts around 45 minutes. Salt has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It also works to break up mucus and reduce inflammation, leaving airways clearer and helping you to breathe easier.

The benefits of what is salt therapy help on the outside too. With the dry method, the salt particles absorb impurities, oil and bacteria from the skin leaving you with a healthy and glowing complexion. The negative ions in salt are also thought to promote better sleep and reduce stress levels.

The wet method of what is salt therapy is when salt and water are mixed together. The salt water is then either gargled, drunk or bathed in. This can, of course, be carried out at home. Other wet methods including specialist equipment, such as flotation tanks, filled with salt water.

Salt therapy in Basingstoke

Salt rooms, the firm followers of what is salt therapy and its benefits have largely been limited to options in big global cities such as New York or a little closer to home in London.

The Salt Lounge is the first of its kind venue here in Basingstoke. We offer a range of dry salt treatments to help with a variety of conditions in a 100% natural way which is backed by science.

Relax in one of our salt treatment rooms to take a break from the everything a hectic lifestyle can throw at us, breathe deep and inhale the goodness which will support a happier and healthier you from deep within. We do recommend that if you are suffering with a particular health condition, that you consult your doctor before taking part in salt therapy to ensure it is compatible with any treatment you are already receiving.

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