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Alexandra Smith


My 2 1/2 year old had his first session today, was a very relaxing enjoyable experience and the best part is the little ones don’t Evan realise they are having the therapy, can’t wait for his next session he had so much fun playing with all the toys and was very sad to leave, the lady that runs this place is so friendly and shared her own story with me about her son so this has given me hope that we may have finally found a natural way to help cut down little ones respiratory infections 🙂

Louise Webb


I went to the Salt Lounge whilst suffering from terrible tonsillitis. My session really helped me feel better – about 4 hours later my throat was virtually pain free. Amazing! The Lounge is absolutely gorgeous, so clean and the staff are extremely helpful. I totally recommend!

Kirstie Spencer-Smith


Yin yoga in the salt lounge . Amazing experience. Slept so well last night and no aches and pains today. Can’t wait to come back.

Rosie Bridges


Had a complimentary free session today and would highly recommend. Relaxing environment with dimmed lights and soft music. I suffer with blocked sinuses, after the 45 minute session I could breath somewhat better through my nose. There are some great Xmas offers on at the moment. Thanks so much Rosie 😊

Kayleigh Phipps


I love this place. So good for my skin and and my sinuses. Of course any excuse to see the lovely staff as well xx

Salt Therapy For Employee Wellness

Workplace stress is at near-record highs across the country, and that stress is taking a toll on employee health and productivity. Many companies are looking for innovative employee stress management programs—and treating workers to Salt therapy may be just the...


Did you know that over 10 million people in the UK suffers from some form of hay fever? If you one of them you probably feeling a little bit anxious right now as spring is just around the corner. There is plenty of over the counter drugs available in pharmacies and...

Love Is In The Salty Air At The Salt Lounge!

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Different approach to health in 2019 for a happier life!

Be healthy, be beautiful loose weight ……all these New Year resolutions, couple of weeks into the new year and we are back to normal. Glossy magazines inspire us to do fitness at home, fat fasting, use smart watches, row, run, use the vitamin patches etc. etc. But what...

Salt Therapy Association

We are very proud to be a member of the Salt Therapy Association. The Salt Therapy Association (STA) is the international professional association established in 2012 to represent the interests of a number of Individuals Associates, Salt Therapy Facilities, Providers,...

Don’t stress just try your best and forget the rest

Don’t stress….it’s so easy to say but what is stress? Stress causes a surge of hormones in your body. When your body detects stress, a small region in the base of the brain called the hypothalamus reacts by stimulating the body to produce...

How to beat the Cold and Flu this Autumn at The Salt lounge?

  How many different things have you recently tried to beat your cold and flu? Endless sleepless nights, children missing school, cough all night? Frequent trips to the pharmacy, visit to the doctors and another course of antibiotics and still felling unwell?...

Salt room benefits the mind, body and soul

We all live stressful lives. Also, no matter where you live, we are exposing ourselves to air pollution and the toxins which exist around us. Different seasons bring ailments from the common cold to Hay Fever. Most of us can’t claim to be eating and exercising right...

What is salt therapy and how can it help you?

Do you suffer with poor skin, breathing conditions such as asthma, or struggle to sleep well? Salt therapy could be the answer to rejuvenate you, both inside and out. You may be asking yourself what is salt therapy. It is a relative newcomer to the UK health and...




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