We are very proud to be a member of the Salt Therapy Association.

The Salt Therapy Association (STA) is the international professional association established in 2012 to represent the interests of a number of Individuals Associates, Salt Therapy Facilities, Providers, Vendors, and Suppliers.

Their website has lots of researches, interesting articles and information about Salt therapy overviews and history of the background.We have been ask so many times what kind of salt we use.Salt Therapy Association has a great blog about it: Not All Salt Created Equal!

Also a very interesting read about Salt Therapy Skeptics: Take them with a grain of salt.

2019 Salt Therapy Association Symposium – Wieliczka Salt Mine – Poland – May 5-7, 2019

The Salt Therapy Association and 100 of our Facility Members will be heading to the Wieliczka Salt Mine for presentations in their underground chambers, exploring along the remarkably beautiful undergrounds of the Tourist Route and Miners’ Route, as well as experiencing the therapeutic power of salt at their Health Resort.

The Salt Lounge is proud to be a member and planning to join this amazing trip.