Valentine’s day fast approaching you will notice because heart shaped chocolates, cards and flowers are all over the shops. You can’t really miss it even if you try.

But is it only one day of the year when we have to show our love to each other or is it just a commercial trick?

I don’t know but the pressure is on the people who live in relationships. Colleges, friends and family asking what did you do for Valentine’s day? Do you feel embarrassed if your partner didn’t get you over priced flowers and heart shaped chocolates ect…?

 Valentine’s day makes single people even more miserable, seeing “loved up couples” having lovely dinner and the flowers ect…

Well what I can say it’s a load of commercial crap😊14th of February the day to love each other!!! How about the rest of the year?

What we see in our Salt Lounge is a lot of couples are coming to spend a relaxing 45 minutes together, some of them have a nice conservation some of them hold hands and go into deep relaxation and that’s what I found beautiful that you taking time from stressful life and spend quality time together with the benefits of the salt therapy.

14th of February 2019 is the first Valentine’s day for the Salt lounge as part of the commercial and pressure that we need to do something about it we planned a special day for everyone.

Couples can book sessions for the you and your partners. We will decorate our salt room with balloons and beautiful hearts all over the salt. You two can have a glass of prosecco at the reception and of course heart shaped chocolates.

Singles: we call all the singles at 7pm who are sick and tired of Valentine’s day by the evening and don’t like to celebrate come and have a glass of prosecco and NOT a heart shaped chocolate and spend an evening with a relaxing environment.

Contact the member of staff for more information : or 01256461022