EAR INFECTION are very common, particularly in children.Chronic ear infections may cause permanent damage to the ear.Most children experience at least one infection at early stage in their life because of the mucus behind their eardrum is more open to infection.Symptoms can be earache,high temperature,dulled hearing,children rub or pull their ear,may feel sick or vomit,discharge running out of the ear,lack of energy.


Salt therapy kills bacteria,anti-inflammatory,loosen mucus and speeds the eliminations of toxins.Salt therapy will help gradually disappear the discomfort of the pressure on the ears,strengthen the immune system and the frequent infections decrease.


10-15 sessions are recommended for long term results.Weekly 2-3 sessions suggested whether the infection acute or chronic.Monthly 1-2 sessions recommended for boosts the immune system.

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Appointment only. First session is free.